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baby u can't dance if there's no floor

17. new icons + some very overdue requests

i'm so so so sorry that i haven't finished the requests, apparently i decided to get a social life this year which means i'm happier but way more broke and unable to icon as much as i used to.

i tried to do something a lil' different with this batch:
skins, lily/kat, sugar rush, true blood, vmars, sohpie/sian (from corrie)

requests in here for: chuckeline, cowcreamer and kate_angel




sugar rush


kate_angel: true blood

chuckeline: veronica mars // cowcreamer: kat prescott

big stuff:

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wowww thanks a lot!!! love all icons, but my request are AWESOME! ty!!!
no problems, sorry it took so long :)
that 'lily in trench only' icon. unf
pretty &hearts
pahahaha, i WISH she was only wearing a trench coat in that pic... you know what, imma just imagine it that way, truth be damned.


6 years ago

so pretty!
thank you ♥
gorgeous as always!
thankyou! :)
lovely :)
hank you kindly ♥
Gorgeous :)
Saving a few <3

PS: About these two Emily icons...which epi are the caps from??
those first two icons? they are from her ep. after she fighst with her mum about moving out and she walks up the stairs and her mum stops her. :)


6 years ago

Aww so awesome! ♥ And I love my request! :D ♥
Your icons kinda make me love Naomily more and more xD
naw, that's the greatest comment i have ever received ♥ hehe.
thank you!


6 years ago

wow these are gorgeous!!
thank you so much! ♥
all of your icons are stunning! really love your blendings style ;))
thank you! :)
gorgeous icons as ever, love the skins and vm ones :D
thank you ♥
saving the skins ones, ty. ♥ these are beautiful!
no problem, thank you. you are vey kind :)
So gorgeous bb!!
Love them all.
Thank you.
thank you! ♥
hehehe, lesbro. gawd, season 4 had so much wasted potential didn't it.


6 years ago

These are so beautiful <3333 I love your coloring!
Unfff so beautiful, grabbing loads ♥ yay Sophie/Sian!
GORGEOUS! Taking an Effy and the Cook/Naomi. I love your coloring so much it's ridiculous! :)

Suspended comment

lovely Skins icons!
these are so pretty!
GORGEOUS! took all the skins icons.
their perfection as always :) snagged some skins/tb. ty bb :)
HOW? WHY? so talented, mah dear? ♥ your icons always manage to be creative and beautiful. Always.
Amazing icons <3
I'm quite late to this posts, but I'm saving a few Skins and Lily icons. ^_^
no problem, bb :) thanx for replying