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baby u can't dance if there's no floor

naomily blend for thelittlebang challenge

Title: Only Time to Lose
Artist: quietlyobsessed
Fandom: skins
Pairings: naomi/emily
Characters: naomi and emily
Rating: G
Warnings: none.
Spoilers: none.
Summary: naomi and emily and Battersea powerstation (no really).
Story Only Time to Lose by botherd
Artist Notes: This fic was amazing and although i'm not much of an artist (just someone who loves photoshop) i hoped to create something at least pretty enough to accompany such a pretty story. Honestly, i could go on about the story for days, it was a complete honour to create something for it not to mention to be able to read it ahead of everyone and wait with a patient smile knowing what naomily fans were in store for!

special thanx to pictureplaces for listening to my whining, helping decide what works and constantly boosting my creative self-esteem. cheers hun.


wallpaper versions:


smaller version:


i'm not really sure what to say about these (maybe, lol?) it's a manip i did based on a sketch i started (and scratched) right before posting. basically it's supposed to be the opening scene of the fic:

eta2: ^her arm looks weird yeh? yeaaaah, i noticed that too. lol, i'll fix it this arvo. right now i have to sleep :)

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